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Of course, one side-effect of expressing opinions is that sometimes people will feel that they need to respond. And while there are huge numbers of well-adjusted translators (probably the silent majority), I have come across a fair number of bona fide nutjobs apparently earning a living as translators, probably more than I ever did in the reputedly sociopathic world of information technology, in which I was previously gainfully employed. Indeed, it seems to me that the freelance translator community has a higher-than-average proportion of individuals with an inflated sense of their own self-worth and infallibility combined with a confrontational attitude.

Perhaps sadly, most of the strangest exchanges that I have been involved in are now lost to posterity.
Not that I would like to create the impression that this kind of thing happens every day. That would make me look like the sort of person that attracts the unhinged and unbalanced, or who wanders around the internet actively seeking out disproportionate squabbles over commas and synonyms. And I like to think that I am not that sort of person.

However, the little evidence that does remain of these exchanges may help explain to saner members of our community why certain clients are reluctant to engage translators in much discussion about... well, anything.

I stress that the purpose behind making these snippets more public is not to belittle those involved (otherwise I would use their real names), nor to make myself look big or clever (which I don't think that they do). It is merely to demonstrate that there is indeed "nowt as queer as folk".

For example, if you were a client, do you think it would be possible to have a logical discussion with this man?

Or if you had a question about terminology choice, how do you think she would deal with it?

And don't forget, these "discussions" are in no way related to any work for which payment is involved (not between me and the individuals concerned, at least). Just about trying to give a little help to some other people.

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