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Prices and Delivery


The length of a text, in terms of the number of words it contains, can be an approximate guide to how much it will cost to translate, but other factors need to be considered, such as:

- The format, for example a Word document is a more straightforward proposition than, say, a Powerpoint file where text boxes may need to be adjusted to display the text as it is intended to be seen, for example.

- Technical complexity of subject matter and the amount of research time needed.

Bottle and boules Conversely, a repetitive text could attract a discount compared to a text of similar size with no repetition.

All of which means I do not publish pricing guidance.

Please feel free to contact me for more details and/or to arrange a quote for your particular needs.

All documents and information provided are treated strictly confidentially.

Executive summary

Charged by the hour, but requirements vary so much that to publish guidelines here is of no value. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more details and/or to arrange a quote for your particular needs.

Proof reading

Proof reading of a previous translation is charged:

- at 40% of the theoretical cost of a translation from scratch, if your requirement is that I compare the translation to the original French version.
- by the hour if it is simply a question of checking a translated text without reference to the original French (or other foreign language) version.

Please note that in both cases, I will need to see the document before accepting any assignment.


Payment can be made by bank transfer in either sterling or euros.

For EU clients, payment can be made into an euro-denominated account held in France with one of France's largest banks. There is therefore no risk for the client.

Please get in touch to ask for more details.

Full Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions can be found on this page.

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